Tuesday, 7 June 2011

number one..

not everything works out the way you might want it too, or how you expect it to go. you don't always get what you want but sometimes its best to just work on what you actually need. you become a little selfish and don't realise that you are pushing away the people that mean to the most to you. you seek the attention you try to gain, as you start to think that everything revolves around you. but then you need to pull yourself back down to earth, straighten up and prepare for everything that life throws at you. grab every opportunity that comes round the corner, no matter whether its good or bad. things can get hard but just open your eyes and look at the people around you that support you. treasure every moment that you feel means the most.. because sometimes you can get lost in your own thoughts and ideas and start to lose everything, and that's the moments when you realise..
life's a bitch.

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